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Best Gay Dating App. Crowdsource. Hi, so I am gay, 20 years old and I wanna try to use a dating app. I think the reason is I want to meet new. I've had some good luck on hinge, bumble, and tinder. People were more than understanding when I said I wasn't looking for hookups on those apps. lgbt dating apps? Hinge I've heard is pretty good! But also heyyyy:) Sorry this could be unpopular opinion and I don't want to be rude but. I'm only interested in lesbian and sapphic relationships. Hinge: No data. I don't use dating apps that have some kind of ranking system or tier. Tinder was great for hook-ups, people were very honest and forthcoming about what they were looking for; I met a really good friend off of.

really depends where you live but I've had decent experiences using bumble, okcupid and hinge. for me bumble is more if you like going on a. I've tried Taimi (kinda sucks imo, clunky interface and not many replies, it's an exclusively LGBT app), HER is pretty good, allows long bios . There's Growlr, Scruff and Grindr that I have used (mostly bear and chub friendly apps). They will all have trashy elements, particularly Grindr. Yeah tinder seems to be the consensus, I'm just tired of casual and situationships and I feel like tinder is usually more casual haha. I've. tinder, bumble, hinge, okcupid for classic dating. Upvote. Tami, Bumble, HER and Okcupid have been the best apps speaking as a queer person. Anyone else woefully queer but in a straight passing. Grindr is usually the most popular, but it is not exclusively a hookup app, give it a try. There are other gay men there who want to date or. Coffee Meets Bagel - Probably the best shot at trying to get into a serious relationship because it's even more limited/selective than Tinder. I. ako 19F am looking to meet some cute women na hopefully type ko XDD kaso grindr is catered to queer men while bumble feels more towards the. Yeah PinkCupid is similar to OkCupid but it's just for lesbians and more so catered to finding serious relationships and not just hookups. honestly tinder is not the way to go for women from my experience. Try bumble or hinge!

I have met exes through Taimi, Tinder, Lex and OKC. Also had dates with people from Feeld and Open. I say Taimi was the best bc most fellow. OkCupid has been great in my experience. I also find good success with Tinder and HER, but I think Tinder is really location dependant for queer. M subscribers in the lgbt community. A safe space for GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minority) folk to discuss their lives, issues. the apps are quite different. grindr is (not good but okay) for hookups but classic dating works best on tinder and bumble. i was actually. Hinge! Met my current boyfriend on there and from my experience, guys are more relationship oriented there overall. I feel the same way, I met this girl through dating app two weeks ago. We had our first date last week. It was good, I went over to her place to. Hinge has the best quality of people but for me at least trying to get a match is like finding a needle in a haystack lmao. Grindr, Growlr, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Scruff, POF, and Match have all had various levels of success for me or my friends. I've heard a lot of good things about Feeld. Personally I've used OkCupid and all the above applies.

2nd Taimi. Ok cupid is also not terrible, which is saying a lot for dating apps. Lex if you are more interested in making local friends with. Otherwise, Tinder is my first choice if I'm looking for dates/relationships. Bumble and Hinge are totally dead in my area. Growlr and Adam4Adam. Best of Reddit · Topics · Content Policy · Privacy Policy I mean obviously that's the highest concentration of queer men, but the gay hookup. I don't want the main popular ones like tinder, bumble etc as I'm afraid somebody I know will notice me lmao. M subscribers in the dating community. A subreddit to discuss and explore the dating process and learn from the experiences of others.

But really there are people looking for hookups on all mainstream apps including Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Upvote. does anyone know any good queer dating apps that don't cost money? I'm seriously struggling finding one and I really want a girlfriend or. Bumble - This is a nice one. Bio, a few prompts, a few pics, everything you need to find someone for a date. The biggest issue it has is that.

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